The Strongest Rated Open Tournament in Indian History. August 5-7, in Bangalore.

It is a FIDE Rated Tournament. You sit at the chessboard. Your opponent is GM Vidit Gujrathi, rated 2718.

Have you ever played a tournament with several 2600+ players competing in the same arena as you? What about 2700+ players?

ChessMine Rapid+Blitz Tournament from August 5-7 (3 days) promises to be the strongest Open tournament in Indian history. The total prize fund of the Rapid tourney is Rs. 4,50,000. The prize fund for the Blitz is Rs. 1,70,000 with rating category and special prizes included.

Are you rated below 2000 and only dream of having a chance to go one on one with 50+ GMs and IMs, including elite players like Vidit Gujrathi, S.P. Sethuraman, Abhijeet Gupta? Have you ever thought how would it feel like to play a game against Aravindh Chithambaram, Kathikeyan Murali, and Nihal Sarin?

Are you rated 2000+, waiting hungrily for a chance to play a strong open event in India?

Are you an unrated player, too busy to play a long classical tournament, but still have the fire in your belly to take on the best?

Are you a parent of a young genius who desperately wants the child to play the best quality tournament, against strong and higher rated players so they improve and win medals?

Well, your wait ends on August 5, when the strongest chess tournament in Indian history kicks off in Bengaluru.

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The ChessMine Rapid Tournament is a part of the ACP Tour. The ACP Tour is a unique system of tournaments held throughout the world. Only the most significant international competitions and the strongest national leagues are given this status.

Who is Playing?

Play. Play chess. Play chess in our tournaments. Like some of these very strong players have decided to:

As we told you before… The India No. 3, Vidit Gujrathi who is rated 2718 in rapids and has beaten guys like MVL, Radjabov, drawn with players like Vishy Anand, etc.

To make Vidit’s life difficult is his Indian Olympiad colleague, the fighting SP Sethuraman (Elo: 2625)

Rajputana’s finest ever… One of the strongest Open tournament players in the world today, GM Abhijeet Gupta (Elo: 2625)

You can play with the incredible super talent from Tamil Nadu, Aravindh Chithambaram.

The Indian National Champion for 2015 and 2016. A chance to play with GM Karthikeyan Murali.

The Wonderboy! You have the opportunity to play and interact with the amazing Nihal Sarin, youngest Indian in history to have scored a GM norm!


Is this starting list for real? – A phone call to the organizer Priyadarshan Banjan


This tournament offers an opportunity to match wits against some of the strongest 2600+ players of the country. It will help to get to know the game better because we do not always get a chance to play GM Vidit Gujrathi, GM S.P. Sethuraman or GM Abhijeet Gupta in classical tournaments… – GM R.R. Laxman


Rapid and Blitz have helped me to improve my classical chess. It has helped me in decision making in a short span of time and when you are a regular Rapid and Blitz player it helps you to play without pressure in classical format when you have less time. – GM Neelotpal Das


I’m very excited about this tournament. Playing in a serious event after nearly 25 years! I’m also very excited about meeting elite chess players from India!! Thank you for organizing such a nice event at Bangalore and I really like Chessmine’s mission – wish you all the best! – Ashwin Subramanian


This is something that I’ve been wishing (or should I say Vishing?) for a long time! A world class tournament (which I’m sure it will be) — or at least intent to conduct a world class tournament. I hope we can make it more spectator friendly and marketable, which will automatically invite sponsors. Next step is to get Super GM’s to participate! My best wishes to these awesome organizers with a good sense of humour, and a much greater sense of purpose! – Sachith Katti

I think this event is a step for the future of Indian chess. It will give exposure to aspiring players to reach world class level. The idea of a rapid and blitz rating is also great as there aren’t so many rapid and blitz events in the country to improve one’s rating. The grandmaster lecture by Srinath Narayanan is also a great idea. The number of grandmasters and other titled players already playing in this tournament goes to show that what future tournaments could hold. – Devanshi Rathi


Who is Playing?

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