About Us

We are a group of five young entrepreneurs determined to change the game of Chess in India.

What are our Values?

• Chess for All
• Make Chess a Financially Powerful Sport
• Once a Chess Player, Always a Chess Player!
• The Best Way to Improve: Play Against Strong Players!


How do we make chess a richer sport?

  1. Chess deserves more. Chess players deserve more. Our vision is to make chess accessible to everyone and transform the sport’s market.
  2. Organizing world-class tournaments in India, giving the top players the conditions and facilities they deserve.
  3. Connecting grassroots with the elite chess players of India and the world.
  4. Bring corporate funds into the games to all levels
  5. Bringing Chess education to every nook and corner of India, and eventually the globe.
  6. We intend to publish quality material – videos, books, articles educational material. This will bring home quality education to every aspiring chess player in India.

How can you help?

Participate! Spread the word. Become a part of our tournament(s), play, enjoy, and tell everyone you know to come and play!

India’s best players deserve your support and recognition, and you as a chess fan should come and cheer for them, whether at the tournament arena, or online. However, why should you just cheer as your favorite players play? You can also play the tournament yourself!

A healthy eco-system is where each member of the organism contributes to the well-being of the eco-system, whilst improving their own well-being in the process. Everyone has their place in this eco-system – the player, the coach, the organizer, the administrator.

The progress of one contributes to the progress of all, as we’re all part of the same environment – Chess. Play and challenge yourself against stronger players, try to exhaust all your chances to win. This way you will learn their way of thinking, improve your understanding, and stretch your skills and abilities to the maximum.

In short, you’ll make everything needed to become a stronger player. And then, eventually, you’ll become one.

Once a chess player, always a chess player. With this love for the game, we hope we will make this a pleasant experience for all of us in our journey to take chess as a sport to the highest possible level, financially, together.

Contact Us

Email: chessmine64@gmail.com