Anand Shuts His Critics Like A Boss

Garry Kasparov on several occasions criticized Anand on his age, performance or results. The former World Champion had many snobbish things to say.

Time and again, Anand dished out explosive performance to shut his critics. But when the news came out that he has failed to qualify for World Candidates Championship next year; it led to growing criticism of Anand’s ability to become World Champion again.

Anand shrugged off the criticism and instead focused on what he does best—play chess!

When the World Rapid Championship was announced in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The clear favourite to win the title was reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen.  To everyone’s surprise, Anand defeated Carlsen in a crucial game and went on to become the World Rapid Champion.

Like the old Russian saying goes. “I speak with the pieces.” Anand has given a befitting reply to all his detractors.

…and oh yes! not to forget this sarcastic tweet 🙂 

Viswanathan Anand is a true legend!

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