500 Young Chess Fans. 500 Loyal Future Customers. Lakhs of Online Views. In 3 Days.

Marketing through Chess

The Strongest Rated Open Tournament in Indian History. August 5-7, in Bangalore.

ChessMine Rapid+Blitz Tournament from August 5-7 (3 days) promises to be the strongest Open tournament in Indian history. The total prize fund of the Rapid tourney is Rs. 4,50,000. The prize fund for the Blitz is Rs. 1,70,000 with rating category and special prizes included. Total Cash Prizes up for grabs: Rs. 6,20,000.


What is a Chess Tournament like?

An entire stadium full of chess players.
Chess fans cum players watching their hero in action.
While some are watching from above! Note the high profile sponsors in the pictures.

Chess Craze in India

Indian PM Narendra Modi is a big fan of Vishy Anand and can be seen here playing with the man himself.
Chess is a young sport. These kids are the future customers and clients of your brand!
The Indian team is among the best in the world these days, mostly relying on a strong and young team. In the last two Chess Olympics, India has taken a bronze and a fourth place respectively. 5 of the 6 players who are a part of the Indian contingent are playing the ChessMine Rapid+Blitz Tournament.
Chess is played in villages as well, in huge numbers. These are mostly players have not yet been groomed into the tournament cycle and use chess as a vehicle to develop their life and career.

Everyone has a story. Better make it a good one, right?

Chess is an idea that cuts across religion, gender, age, cultures, geography, physical disabilities. A game that brings people together and makes them happy.

Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities:

Event Sponsor:

The total Prize Fund of the Tournament is Rs. 6, 20, 000, and additional expenditure of Rs. 600,000 [We are providing top notch-accommodation for stars, in Taj, etc. The precise amount of budgeted expense is Rs. 12,13,000].

ChessMine offers you a chance to sponsor this chess event. We will offer you the following marketing and branding assets:

  1. Your brand will become one of the key elements bringing this tournament to the players.
  2. Result Card to be used for recording results in each round will carry your brand’s branding.
  3. A special Stall in the event where the aforementioned demographics will be educated about the products, their benefits, and a chance to try them, and hence, you will get a ready-made audience.
  4. Every table number to have an inspirational quote that will motivate the players and make them enter a positive state of mind (and at the same time, see the logo of Your brand–positive reinforcement).
  5. Distribution of educational content to all the players. Also, the closing ceremony, we will make EVERY PLAYER take a selfie with hashtag #your brand and put it on facebook, etc.
  6. Access to VIP room in the arena, with a chance to socialize with the officials from the AICF, and other top players like Vidit, etc. A dinner with GM Abhijeet Gupta, 4-time Commonwealth Champion, former World Junior Champion.
  7. Phone Numbers and Email IDs of the target audience (if you may need it to send educational material).
  8. Exhaustive media coverage in all the major newspapers of India, and also, the biggest chess website in the world: ChessBase (www.chessbase.com), that publishes chess news in Spanish, German, and English, and also has an India version. The English site of ChessBase alone, running since 20 years) has approx 1-5 lakh visitors per day. It usually crosses 5 lakh per day on Mondays (the day of blitz). Our official website chessmine.com itself has some 1000 unique visitors per day, and we will carry your logo full time, all the time, because you are the first company that is going to trust our vision and mission.
GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi is ranked third in India and in Top-50 in the world. He is considered to be the heart-throb of Indian chess with popularity among younger players at sky-high levels.
GM Abhijeet Gupta is 4-time Commonwealth Champion and former World Junior Champion and Arjuna Awardee. He is also widely known to be the best Open tournament player in the world.
GM Sethuraman SP is former Indian Champion and Asian Champion and is among the strongest Indian players in history.
The Wonderboy! You have the opportunity to play and interact with the amazing Nihal Sarin, who at the age of 12 is the youngest Indian in history to have scored a GM norm!

Example Photos from Previous Tournaments:

Brand Sponsors
TATA sponsoring one of the best tournaments in the world, in the Netherlands.
Some more of TATA
This is how it looks like. Imagine your brand here!
Aamir Khan is a big chess fan and player. He used to play for Mithibai College in Mumbai.