Two days to go for the Vardhaman Cup

The talented chess players of India will get to fight for big cash prizes and trophies when the 1st Vardhaman Cup FIDE Rated Open Tournament at the Vardhaman College of Engineering in Hyderabad. The player will be competing for a prize pool of Rs. 6,00,000/- at Hyderabad—the city of pearls.

The tournament will be played over nine rounds spread over five days from 05 December 2017 to 09 December 2017 at one of the best Engineering Colleges of Telangana. The event is open to all and players of all age categories are welcome to compete for cash prizes.

Vardhaman College of Engineering has been a long-standing giant in the field of engineering education. This tournament is their first foray into the world of chess. The cerebral sport of chess, which was invented in India, is Vardhaman College’s way of building the community in Telangana where the future citizens of India will be intelligent and leaders of tomorrow.

The prime objective of Vardhaman College is to update and modernize the quality of professional education. Its aim is to employ innovative teaching methods which carry an emphasis on fast-changing technological trends. This is to integrate classroom learning with actual work experience in the industry concerned or in a related professional field. The college aims to encourage students from the first year B.Tech itself, to identify suitable work areas and to execute projects of their own choice and interest.

The teaching-learning process is carried out through the use of overhead and LCD projectors. Vardhaman boosts facilities such as an extensive computer center, library, advanced lab for communication skills, internet center and spacious seminar halls and Electronic Classrooms.

The college recognizes chess has a tool to improve and exercise mind’s capacity. Thus, the first edition of Vardhaman Cup is a step towards development of chess as a sport as well as an educational tool for one’s improvement.

Tentative Starting List

No. Name FideID FED Rtg sex Typ Gr Club/City
1 GM Narayanan Srinath 5018420 IND 2532 TN
2 Sekar B 5043743 IND 2274 TN
3 Singh S. Vikramjit 5006090 IND 2256 SC Rly
4 Masango Spencer 14300753 ZIM 2253 NA ZIM
5 Lokesh N. 5025044 IND 2228 TN
6 Senthil Maran K 25035681 IND 2208 U20 TN
7 IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam 5001277 IND 2155 TN
8 FM Ramakrishna J. 5008174 IND 2149 AD Bnk
9 Badrinath S. 5029961 IND 2025 U20 PON
10 Sibi Visal R 46685588 IND 1984 U16 TN
11 WCM Jyothsna L 35013220 IND 1983 w U14 TN
12 AGM Sa Kannan 5018340 IND 1935 TN
13 Nikhil M 35015966 IND 1883 U20 AP
14 Srinivasa Rao G.V. 5000602 IND 1837 S50 Tel
15 Sannidhanam Anurag (aicf due?) 5068380 AUS 1811 U20 due
16 AIM Pati Spandan 46667768 IND 1804 U12 Tel
17 Mushini Ajay 35066188 IND 1770 U20
18 Sibi Srinivas Eistein Reddy 45073643 IND 1763 U14 AP
19 Duvvala Suresh 5071658 IND 1713 Tel
20 Ruban Sanjay M 35070592 IND 1713 U14 TN
21 Samal Aditya Ranjan 46694447 IND 1697 U14 Orissa
22 AIM Mohammed Shamil A 5005752 IND 1690 TN
23 Chilukuri Sai Varshith 25617125 IND 1672 U12 Tel
24 Krishna Karthik N 25009605 IND 1649 U20 AP
25 Sameer Kumar Y 35017535 IND 1638 AP
26 Akira Sowmyanatha Reddy 45073295 IND 1617 U12 AP
27 Sreekar J S S 45015155 IND 1608 U12
28 Nanditha V 46626697 IND 1599 w U14 Tel
29 Mohammad Ismail Khadar 5065240 IND 1579 AP
30 Unnikrishnan M A 25027980 IND 1508 Joy Alukas

Click here to view the full  starting list. 

This tournament is a golden opportunity for unrated players who are looking to achieve their first rating.

prospectus Vardhaman Cup 2017

For registration: Call 8861758907/ Whatsapp 7338090690

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